“Everyone gets sick. Our livelihood should not be destroyed because of it.”

“I was a manager at New Seasons. The attendance policy was very strict. Many of my employees used public transportation — and it’s not very dependable. In one instance, an employee had a car accident and they still were given points [toward termination]. It caused a lot of strain and resentment on my team. One employee was eventually fired due to attendance points, which was very sad.

Working conditions and pressure to not get overtime were something that took a major toll on myself and team. My department was very busy and at times we would get buried with orders. It was difficult to take care of the basic needs of the department. Instead of support and help from leadership, I received criticism and added pressure to perform.

I never felt appreciated for going above and beyond, and I was almost written up for checking my email from home — which is something I began doing out of desperation, to have time to actually stay ahead of the hundreds of weekly emails.

I now work for a union company. My position is non union, but I very much appreciate the benefits the union provides for my employees. I would hope that New Seasons would walk its talk and begin to cull out some of these bad practices. It is pure hypocrisy for a company who promotes a progressive agenda to have policies that ignore the humanity of its own employees.

Everyone gets sick. Our livelihood should not be destroyed because of it.”

—Former New Seasons Employee, Portland, Submitted 4/26/18