“I know my union has my back”

“I’ve worked at Rainier QFC since March and I was born and raised in South Seattle. What I like most about my store is the diversity as far as the cultures, people’s backgrounds and where they’re from. I also like how nice everybody is and how easy it is to get along with everybody from all departments.

It’s a lot more laid back at QFC compared to my previous job at a non-union retailer. Coming into work at QFC, I have a 15 minute grace period in case anything happens that’s unexpected. At my old job, my boss would reduce my hours when I was just a minute or two late. I can’t predict what will happen during my commute from Skyway. When my old boss would cut my hours, I would sometimes be making a quarter of what I was making previous weeks. In these situations, I had no recourse whereas at QFC, I know my union has my back and that management has to abide by the rules we help negotiate.” – Issac Constanine, Rainier QFC, UFCW 21 Member