“My friends who work for New Seasons live in their cars”

“The parking is already so scarce. I live in the Central District and it’s really diverse with LGBTQ folks and folks of color. My question for New Seasons is how are they going to help people in the area get food because it’s so expensive. It’s like Whole Foods – they brand themselves as sustainable, source locally, so why doesn’t they also extend to their employees?

I have friends in Portland who work for New Seasons and they complain all the time. They are concerned that they don’t have affordable healthcare and they aren’t earning a living wage. My friends think New Seasons doesn’t support local communities. My friends who work for New Seasons live in their cars – nobody should live like that, especially not employees of such a profitable company.

If I could talk to more New Seasons employees I would say stand up because you have rights! Together we have power! The community has your back and together we can do so much. There’s power in numbers and we need to use that power when our rights are violated.

Too often workplace abuse goes undetected. Employees deserve better than an arbitrary point system and being encouraged to come to work while they’re sick. Especially in the food industry – that’s unheard of!” – Dre, Central Co-op worker and UFCW 21 member