“New Seasons is only going to make things worse”

“I hate when employers treat their workers badly, like they do at Walmart. I support unions all the way! When workers have a union, their employers have to look out for them. Non-union stores like New Seasons clearly care more about their profits than the well-being of their employees. I had a customer come through my line the other day and she couldn’t believe a New Seasons was opening in our neighborhood at 23rd and Union. She said she wouldn’t shop at New Seasons if they treat their employees badly.

This neighborhood has become way too expensive for me and my customers, and New Seasons is only going to make things worse. Before working at Safeway, I worked at a non-union retailer and it was very difficult to access affordable healthcare benefits. Being part of a union means employees have each others’ backs, and together we can ensure we have a voice on the job.” – Jen Wilson, Safeway at 23rd & Madison, UFCW 21 member