New Seasons worker: After I spoke up, managers asked co-workers to spy on me

Trent Wu
New Seasons employee Trent Wu says management asked co-workers to spy on him after he raised questions about their working conditions.

New Seasons Market claims to support workers’ rights. But when hundreds of Portland workers got together last year to advocate for better working conditions, the company hired a Trump Hotel union-buster to intimidate and silence their own employees. Community leaders called out corporate management for failing to live up to their supposed values, and the company promised to do better. Now the chain is expanding into Seattle and it looks like they’re up to their old tricks again.

Trent, a prepared foods clerk in the brand-new Seattle store, says:

“Ever since I starting speaking up about issues in our department, and asking for higher wages, I have been called into the office almost every other day for minor infractions. And co-workers recently told me that management has asked them to spy on me. I’m choosing to speak up because I believe that New Seasons is trying to use the language of social justice and progressivism to actually silence workers. They’re co-opting the language of trying to be a good employer to manipulate workers into not speaking up.”

We see you, New Seasons. If you’re going to keep calling yourself progressive, that means respecting workers’ rights, in Portland, Seattle, and wherever else you go.