Urgent: New Seasons worker fired after speaking up in Ballard

Send a letter to New Seasons’ president and let her know you stand with Trent.

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  1. I will not shop at New Seasons until it has a union, starts treating its workers with respect and pays a living wage.

    Susan Helf

  2. Dear Ms McFarland:

    As a Seattle grocery consumer, I’m very concerned about working conditions in any grocery stores.
    If an employee comes to you to address working conditions, the correct response would be to investigate the concern and make corrections. Firing a good employee who expresses a concern is absolutely wrong-headed. I don’t intent to be shopping at Good Seasons unless and until Mr. Wu is rehired and made whole.

    I hope you understand that the people of Seattle expect workers to be respected and treated well.

    Please consider making the proper reparations to Mr. Wu, and correcting workplace problems as they arise.


  3. Why shouldn’t New Seasons employees’ right to speak up for having a union be respected? For that matter, why shouldn’t employees actually HAVE a union?

  4. Trent Wu should be given back his job at the Ballard New Seasons–all he was doing was speaking up for the right and possibility of employees having a union. Why on earth shouldn’t he? Why shouldn’t employees have the right to vote for and, if they want it, have a union?

    Firing him–and firing him a few days before Christmas–makes New Seasons look just as draconic and inhuman as many people, when it arrived in Seattle, thought it might be.

  5. I will not shop New Season until Trent is reinstated with back pay. I will encourage all of my friends to do the same.

  6. In Seattle we respect workers . We also expect business operating in the state to honor employees right to speak of unjust conditions in the work place. Your store is not in the south part of the country. Please adjust your management style to your geographic location.

  7. I bring my family to Ballard New Seasons on the weekend. Fun shopping with the kids.
    until Trent Wu is rehired and worker’s rights are respected. I will be telling this to my friends and neighbors.
    Elizabeth Graham

  8. I live around the corner from your Ballard store. By far most convenient grocery store but I will not be shopping there ever again until you stop your disgusting union busting tactics.

  9. Who mentored your MBA? Scrooge? Even he didn’t fire Bob Cratchit 4 days before Christmas.

    Your actions , and the actions of the company you fail to lead, are deplorable and disgusting and clearly derive from a complete and utter lack of humanity, thought, and empathy.

    Yes, these are ad hominem attacks. I’ve no intention of wasting my time debating you. This post is merely to tell you what I think of you, your company, and your business practices and to declare my intent of never shopping at your store and encouraging my fiends and acquaintance to avoid it also.

  10. I am a regular New Seasons customer in Portland, Concordia store. This news is extremely disturbing to me. I am a union member and a white, anti-racist activist. Please do the right thing in Ballard and eternity this employee to their job. Don’t make us have to boycott our neightpborhood store over poor management practices in Washington.

  11. On Monday Dec. 10, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 23 of that Declaration (passed 70 years ago by the United Nations) proclaims just working conditions and the right to a union as a human right. You should immediately reinstate Trent Wu to his job, and cease any tactics that impede this right.!

  12. I love my local New Season’s store and it’s workers. I am so disappointed with the thug like handling of the worker who supported union efforts. Actually, I am shocked! This is not the way your franchise has built itsreputation. I will forgo shopping there until workers are respected. So sad!!

  13. I am a shop steward for local Teamsters 117. I cannot stress enough how important it is to support the people doing your frontline work. Fair wages, strong medical/dental, and complete transparency on safety issues will benefit our entire community.

  14. Give this man his job back. This will end badly for your business as it will dry up and cease to exist if you insist on practicing anti union and anti worker bullshit. Your anti union sentiment won’t work in seattle.

  15. New Seasons should reinstate Trent Wu & end their anti-union attitude & tactics! I still haven’t shopped there because of this crap and will not until there is a change.

  16. Two days ago my wife and I went to New Seasons in NE Portland, and we were both dumbfounded by how the atmosphere has changed over the last several months. When our New Seasons location opened two years ago, folks were friendly and practically fell over themselves to help us. Now, very few are smiling and nearly everyone we asked for help either referred us to someone else or gave us quick, wrong information so they could get on their way with another task.

    Researching the timeline of when things began to go downhill, it seems to correlate with around the time that working conditions at New Seasons began to deteriorate, and we heard the first whisperings of management attempts at union-busting in Portland stores. Two days ago, we asked someone why they would tell us a little chicken pot pie without a pricetag, formerly about five dollars, should cost the ten dollars he insisted it was, and he snarled very quietly, “because it sucks to work here and I want you to shop somewhere else until things get better for us.”

    Obviously, we said nothing to management, We support unions and the right to organize for better working conditions, and did not want this guy to get in trouble at work. So we put the pie back on the shelf, emptied our shopping cart and indeed did go somewhere else that evening.

    And now that I’ve heard of this incident in Ballard, I know that something is rotten throughout the New Seasons chain. I will not spend another dollar at ANY New Seasons until the right to unionize harassment-free and without threat of job loss is honored at every location.

  17. New Seasons says it is the friendliest stire in town and you may. It is the very front line distinguished employees that make you friendly.

    But, you company while having your little employee meetings is NOT friendly to its workers if they make suggestions about working conditions. You find some way to rationalize and justify terminating an employee who you fear is going to soearhead a movement to bring better benefits to all employees and more say about operations.

    I work for a living and have been a customer of New Seasons in the past, but as much as I once was because you apparently aren’t really the friendliest store in town!

  18. I have been shopping at New Seasons in a different location and notice, lately the workers seem under more pressure and I am sad about that. The more “conventional foods” are not healthy so I have to search more carefully if I shop in New Seasons. I makes sense to me that you try to decrease any employees feed-back proving that the $$$$$ bottom line as against your “friendliest store” claim.
    News like this that you are getting rid of a caring employee right at the Holiday seasons makes me pass by more often than buy, more often.

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