“The [attendance] points system is really degrading”


“The way New Seasons treated me was really unfair, because they said they were family-oriented.

The [attendance] points system is really degrading. Because you could have perfect attendance, but if you’ve got children, or even if you need to go to the doctor or the dentist yourself, how do you do that? You get PTO, but it’s not that much. It’s like if you’re sick, you can’t even be sick.

If I didn’t feel good and called in and said I can’t come in, they’d say, ‘Well, if you don’t come in you’re going to get three points.’ They just make you come in. Every time my kids needed to go to the doctor, I had to cancel because I needed to go to work. Can’t take them to the dentist, can’t do any of that, because you’ll get points.

I got a bad cough, and I still had to go to work—and I’m cooking food every day. So I’m coughing over here, washing my hands, I have to try to cover my mouth. It didn’t feel good. I felt bad about it. I’m cooking your food and I’m coughing on your food? Or my nose is running? You know, I wash my hands, I change my gloves frequently. But still, I might be cooking your meal and I have to excuse myself. You know, ‘Here, somebody take over. I’ve got to run to the bathroom because I don’t feel good.’

But you can’t go home. If you go home early, you get points. If you don’t come in, you get points. If you’re late, you get a point. They give you lunch violations if your lunch is late, or you stay an extra couple minutes in the bathroom.

I know a lot of people who are leaving New Seasons because of the points system, because they give you a point for anything. I worked at other companies, I’ve worked at Fred Meyer and QFC. They didn’t have a point system, and I didn’t get treated like that. Not at all. You were able to take off if you need it. You were able to leave early for your kids, you were able to take a sick day. Managers would work with you.

[New Seasons] needs to take the points system away. People need to go to the doctor and the dentist, they need to spend time with their kids.

It’s the ‘friendliest store in town,’ huh? Yeah, right. How can you be?” -Dionne, former New Seasons employee, Seattle, submitted 9/22/18