“The benefits of being part of a union are obvious”

“I have worked at the South Mercer Island QFC for 9 months at the Front End. I got promoted to become a checker after 3 months as a courtesy clerk. My favorite parts about working here are my really nice coworkers and the relaxed atmosphere.

The benefits of being part of a union are obvious- fair wages, quality healthcare, not getting fired for stupid reasons… My family and I have always been fans of the South QFC store. I’ve been shopping here practically my entire life. I chose this job out of comfort and after hearing from my friend at the North Mercer Island QFC that I should take a job here because it’s a good job. A union is not about any one organization, it’s about having union with your coworkers. If managers are firing you for simply talking with each other, you need to rally together and protest. If a worker at New Seasons asked me to have their back, I would.” – Cameron Smith, S. Mercer Island QFC, UFCW 21 Member