The Oregonian: New Seasons Market isn’t living up to its brand

Oregonian New Seasons Market Isn't Living Up To Its Brand

Oregon state representative Rob Nosse writes in The Oregonian:

It is no secret that the local leadership of New Seasons is moving on. It is also well known that the employees of New Seasons are trying to figure out if a union makes sense for them. As a company, New Seasons has professed that it is important for agricultural workers to be paid appropriately or for coffee growers in other countries to be treated fairly for their labor. They support fair trade brands. They advocated for an increase in our state’s minimum wage.


Yet when New Seasons’ own workers began talking about organizing into a union to improve their working conditions, New Seasons hired the Trump Hotel’s “union avoidance consultant” and, according to employees, it intimidated employees who favored having a union.  This hardly seems ethical or progressive or even friendly to me.


New Seasons is majority-owned by funds managed by Endeavour Capital. It’s also come to light Endeavour Capitol and New Seasons are connected to the Vancouver, Wash.-based M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. Since 2000, the Murdock Trust has invested millions in Endeavor Capital funds, including those that own New Seasons. This means, the Murdock Trust benefits from New Season’s profits. For those that do not know, the Murdock Trust funds the anti-LGBTQ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom with nearly $1 million dollars, and the anti-worker Freedom Foundation with nearly half a million, as well as various anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers” with nearly $2 million dollars throughout our region.

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