“Then I threw up in the handwash sink.”

“Not knowing it would ever affect me, and having had the flu already twice this last winter (I think because employees come to work sick to keep their jobs), I asked the store manager how we can follow the law that is posted at every sink in the deli saying one cannot work if you have fever, vomit, diarrhea, and so on. She told me and everyone else in the room she would not ever fire a good employee for being sick.

So I got the flu (upper respiratory virus) a couple weeks later. I thought maybe the dust from remodeling was making me sick, so I held out hoping as we have all done, I will be better tomorrow. Next day it was not much better, but I had to work due to no [attendance] points left. The store manager told me if I was sick I could call out and she would not hold it against me. How kind and caring. Next day, my always dedicated self — knowing a few others called out — showed up at 6 am and started my work. Then I threw up in the handwash sink. My co-worker that heard the manager’s offer asked me to please go home and not make them sick. I did.

When I came back 2 days later, I was fired. 18 years of true dedication and pride with 18 good reviews, and 2 tardies. This is a perfect example of just how much New Seasons cares! I made the mistake of saying I was planning to retire in a few months, and of making too much money, and being 65.”

—New Seasons employee, Portland, Submitted 2018