Washington Post: “Private-equity money backs an effort to overturn California law intended to help the poor”

From the Washington Post, a story about New Seasons’ private-equity parent company, Endeavour Capital. Their bail company Triton is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to protect its bail-bonds business by overturning a California law:

SAN DIEGO — A company backed by private equity is financing a campaign to repeal California’s landmark criminal justice law intended to help the poor.

The new law would abolish the state’s bail-bond companies, and in response, a handful in the industry have raised more than $2.5 million to repeal the measure. The largest share of that, almost $800,000, comes from Triton, a bail company owned by Endeavour Capital, an Oregon-based private-equity firm that has managed billions in investments.

The donations are paying for an army of campaign workers who have descended on California’s shopping centers to beseech passersby for petition signatures. The campaign, which needs 365,880 names to put the measure before voters in 2020, pays the sidewalk solicitors a few dollars for each signature — the going rate around San Diego was $3.25. Arithmetically, the donations may be enough to delay the law’s implementation for at least a year…

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