What Are Neighbors Saying About New Seasons?

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Neighbors filled up the community comment board on New Seasons' Ballard opening day with reasons why Ballard rejects the new store.
Neighbors filled up the community comment board on New Seasons Ballard opening day with reasons why they reject the new store.

“I may be in your target demographic as a regular consumer of ‘natural’ and ‘health’ products, but I have zero interest in patronizing a business that treats its workers poorly. I will be shopping elsewhere.” –Ann, Ballard

“I live only a few blocks away from 23rd & Jackson and am beyond disappointed that our beloved Red Apple supermarket will not be returning, as are many of my neighbors. Thankfully, we’ve already had plenty of time to find other local, non-upscale supermarkets to meet our needs so it’s highly unlikely we’ll shop at a New Seasons under any conditions. Their history of shameful labor practices makes the prospect even more odious. They will NOT be a welcome addition to our neighborhood.” –Geoff, Central District

My rent at 18th and Union is already high enough! I can’t afford to have some big company no one will be able to afford to shop at anyway come in and raise our rents even more!” -Jennifer, Central District

“I will not show up at a company that does not respect workers’ rights and workers’ rights to voice their concerns and needs. I will not shop at a store that hires union-busters.” –Loralee, Ballard

“We won’t fall for your schtick, New Seasons.” –Lisa, Fremont

“I used to shop at New Seasons when I lived in Portland—it was my favorite store. Then I heard they hired the same agency Trump used to union bust his employees and I refuse to shop at the new store they just built near my place in Seattle. I would love to shop at New Seasons but will not set foot in one again until they do right by their employees and allow them to unionize — as they have the right to do! In solidarity with my fellow working people.” –Kelley, via Facebook

“I live in the CD. I don’t want a union-busting store in my neighborhood.” –Chris, Central District

“Will wait to cross the doorstep until I believe New Seasons Market has reversed practices that harm LGBTQ, women, and workers.” –Leslie, Fremont

“DO THE RIGHT THING!” –Angelina, Central District

“My neighbors and I are looking closely at New Seasons’ anti-union stance. We have 5 other grocery stores to choose from and PCC opening shortly after New seasons does.” –Andrew, Central District

“This city does not need another exploitative, union-busting business.” –Thalia, Queen Anne

“Please change!” –Devin, Ballard

By making this move, adding this incredibly expensive grocery store, there is a clear message being sent. ‘No poor people wanted’. ‘No marginalized people need apply’. Ridiculous to consider this.” -Sharon, Kent

“You’ve picked the wrong neighborhood! No support here.” –Eve, Central District

“Not in my city.” –Lauren, Queen Anne

“I’m so very disappointed. I was looking forward to having the market in our neighborhood, but knowing what I know now about the ownership and their policies I cannot shop there.” –Wilma, Ballard

“New Seasons does not reflect Seattle values.” –Max, Fremont

“I’m a resident of Ballard and don’t like the idea of New Seasons opening in my neighborhood. Hiring people to try and sabotage a workers’ right to demand better working conditions goes against the culture of Seattle and Ballard.” –Barbara, Ballard

“Bullying workers is the exact opposite action a so-called ‘healthy’ company should be practicing! Treat your valued workers well and the whole team and customers will benefit.” –Megan, Wallingford

“New Seasons needs to respect workers rights!” –Jerry, Seattle

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